Mid-2010s Projects

Older Projects (Mid-2000s-2010)

These have all since been superceded, but I’ll leave them here for curiosity’s sake.

Mail Checker


Overview: Creates a summary page of email subjects for multiple accounts

Note if you want the source code for this, please contact me for it

The number of email addresses I maintain / check is thakfully decreasing, but I still find it laborious to check all of them, especially the ones that tend to receive less important email.

I originally wrote a perl script around (IIRC) POP3lib, or similar. I retrieved mails and searched for the subject using regular expressions. I still use regexes, and still pull the entire email as it works (basically) for now, but my intention is to rewrite to only retrieve headers. I don't know if this functionality is present in the CPAN POP libraries, although it most likely is. I now use a python implementation, partly to help me familiarise myself with python which I now use more than perl (as of 2008 or so, still valid Q4 2009!), and partly because I wanted to switch to IMAP over POP

My file processes arguments to check things like: server name, SSL / no SSL, username and password, number of messages to print subjects for, and debug options. I forget if there are others. It uses the imaplib IMAP4 python library.

It also prints dashes to underline headings. I mention this only because I think it's important to pay attention to the little touches that enhance readbility, for anyone that is reading for ideas.

etc etc

Basic email backup

Referrer spam ban

Simple incremental backups